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Community and Legislative Work

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The members of our firm believe in community involvement, and devote considerable time to projects aimed at improving society and the lives of those around us.

Badri and Salim El Meouchi Law Firm actively contributes to legislative progress in the countries in which we operate.

We have worked on numerous laws in the financial and commercial sectors, in close collaboration with the Banque du Liban (Lebanese Central Bank), the Council of Ministers and the Parliament. We also take part in legislative consultations with the Qatar Financial Centre.

When open consultations are held prior to legislative amendments or new laws in countries in which we operate, we ensure that an attorney from the firm reviews the proposed drafts and comments on it. It is our way of contributing to the legal system that is an intrinsic part of our social fabric.

Members of our firm are frequently involved in efforts to ensure that the laws and regulations under which we operate reflect the needs of a modern society, with a member of the firm in Lebanon sitting on the Parliamentary Commission for Legislative Affairs.

Finally, we often work with NGOs and international organisations in the Middle East and beyond in the framework of various programmes and initiatives.

You will find below a sample of our community involvement.

Our firm has offered pro bono assistance to many charitable, cultural and educational foundations that contribute to society through their good works. These include:
We are dedicated to transparency and public governance in the Middle East. To that end, we support and assist various organisations working towards this goal, including:
We believe that progress comes through leadership. As custodians of justice, our lawyers are intimately involved with the following organisations:
  • Aspen Institute (participant in the Middle-East Leadership Initiative)
  • Global Integrity Alliance (seat on the board)
  • Young Arab Leaders (seat on the board)
  • Young Leaders’ Integrity Alliance (seat on the steering committee)
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